Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Game of Homes

My fiancee and I recently purchased a nice little house and over the past week have begun what I shall call "the game of homes" (so unique, I know). The neighbours all seem nice, most have cute doggies too, and the water and power in the house was all running a-ok. Alas, I think during the previous owners move they introduced House Bugdaryen to this territory and now there is a minor infestation of the germanic creepers. I've gotten pest-control group "Fumapest" to try handle it but so far their spray and my traps / supporting poisons have had little effect I think. My cousin recommended a gel option as that was how they defeated the Bugdaryen's they encountered previously but on Fumapest's return visit they still opted to spray again anyway. Hopefully the guy knows what he's doing, otherwise I am going to make good use of his 6 month warranty.

In the meantime I've gone and upgraded the locks and kitchen flooring but am still missing a few utilities. I'm slightly annoyed at IKEA as they apparently sell incomplete bed frames which is going to result in me trekking all the way out there to find the missing pieces again. I do like their shop though. The whole walk-through part is neat and the warehouse section (where you pray to God you have written down the correct location of your item, lest you be lost searching for it forever) is quite impressive.

Welcome to IKEA.

Lastly it seems there was an electrical anomaly drifting in the area last night as a number of power points have suddenly failed, and even devices not connected to wall sockets (completely remote infact) were playing up. We'll need to get an electrician in to sort that out. With any luck he may also be able to fix the non-working TV.

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