Wednesday 25 January 2012

They ain't scary at all

After trying to drive the car without losing sync (unsuccessfully), we decided to go on foot to get the tank of gas required by what's his face, the pyromaniac back at base camp. Our plan of avoiding driving was thwarted though when we found yet another survivor who would only come with us if we DROVE her to where she wanted. Grrr! Why aren't these zombies more efficient!? Oh yeah, it's because they can be beaten up with paddles and broom handles. Alas that makes them all the less scary.

One successful burnination of bodies later, we drive princess "I don't want to walk" to the lighthouse where we find another set of survivors, all of whom again need stuff to be done. Their leader, James, wants us to power up the beacon which is easy enough once we find the generators to activate. Lots of setup for "ooooh, this is going to be bad" moments but currently the zombies just can't deliver. In fact, they're more a nuisance now like little yappy dogs that chase the mailman (the players). I suppose they'll get stronger eventually. Humorously, we are given the schematics of how to make a "deo-bomb". I'd like to see what the heck you can actually do with 2 deodorants and some sticky tape that would result in such a big explosion. Myth busters anyone?

If these guys are on the island, the zombies are screwed.

Back at the the life guard base we are sent to forage for food stuffs as the people who have been idling this whole time were getting hungry. Luckily we had collected a whole bunch of canned food prior but apparently it wasn't enough! They need juice as well? Uhhh. Ok. Also my eldest bro's char got a severe tan at this point as he switched from playing the asian chick to the abo one. I still feel that having the survivors in separate groups is stupid. Why can't we just bring everyone to one point? Oh well, off we went with a slight detour to find another "missing" person who seemed to be doing ok having blocked off his on-the-water bungalow with a few boxes on the docks. The zombies are too stupid to climb and/or push them out of the way. Again, way to be less scary, zombies. Mister Hedonist was fine with his little group consisting mainly of chicks who were tripping and/or drunk and finding the whole zombie apocalypse thing a minor inconvenience to their partying.

We continued to the gas station where I was proven right that those left alive shouldn't be divided. The two survivors who decided to try hold out there had been overrun and killed when we returned. At least we got their handy juice pack bundle! Also decided to assist in finishing a "HELP" sign for the lighthouse crew which was crawling with infected scum. It may have been dangerous if only we weren't so skilled, and I wasn't insta-killing zombies by headstomping.

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