Monday, 27 February 2012

Final Fun Run

Dead Island journal - spoilers ahead! You can follow the whole story here!

We were next tasked to escort the bastard chief Ope to someone who was infected but not yet zombified and he led us on a merry trek through the zombie infested jungle, often putting himself in harm's way just so we could fail the mission. We still managed to keep the bastard alive through to his ancestral tomb where finally he is ended via cutscene in a method I wanted to do when I first met him. Oh well, now we have some jungle girl who fits the bill. After the long run BACK through the zombie forest we leave her with Umbrella Corp for tests (yeeeeah that's a good idea) while we go off to gather some stuff to upgrade the barge. It's a nice trip through memory lane passing through all the previous areas again.

Once ready we return to Umbrella Corp to get the vaccine (that's why we left the chick there), alas the doctors are pretty stupid as they pressed the wrong button and unleashed upon themselves a whole slew of zombies. With all of them turned into undead turds we take the jungle chick, the naive chick, and the lying bastard of a guide (whose lies led us to a whole area we didn't ever need to get to) all the way to the "final stage" prison. There's a surprising amount of survivors here, all hardened crooks "ruled" by a tattoo covered dude. A few more quests to go around in here, going from cell block to cell block and it is great fun as the baddies, both living and dead, are wearing body armor. Still not threatening at all apart from the respawning rams, but more fun to whack around.

The game needed more of this, which doesn't even happen. Ever.

Events lead to almost everyone getting eaten (due to their own stupidity) so we high tail it to the roof to meet "the voice". Its a trap! He gassed us and stole the antidote. Erm, next time kill your victims moron. So our little party fights our way to the roof, making sure to clear EVERY zombie in the way just for the heck of it. Even the ones faaaaar off the quest path. Voice man has some decent shooters, but not as good as me. Even here in the final battle two pistol headshots kills em. A sudden zombie rush pushes us back momentarily before we break through to the helipad where Voice man, surrounded by SEVEN people in the cutscene, still manages to kill the naive girl before transforming into final boss. Obviously he was surrounded by seven STUPID people.

We laughed in the face of this final opponent as all he could do was run a little, fall over, then beg for mercy as DL raged his knives into him, Jim blasted him with his guns, and I smashed his face with my sledgehammer. In under 15 seconds this moron was dead. We then took his chopper and escaped the infected island, leaving everyone there to their fate. Way to go heroes! Still - for all the bugs, easiness, too many workbenches, and lack of logic on some characters parts, this pretty game let my brothers and I spend more time together which is always a big plus in my book.

And so our adventures here have come to a close, who knows where our travels will take us next? :)

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