Thursday, 16 February 2012

Jungle Party

Dead Island journal - spoilers ahead! You can follow the whole story here!

Back in the Jungle (again) we start off with a long and annoying escort mission deep into the woods, and just like all the previous ones the person we are protecting is an idiot - running ahead all the time regardless of the enemies on the path. This area is huge and there are side quests aplenty for us to chase which involves many, many crashes. From experience I believe the best way to avoid this is to stay together (within 25m), never sprint too far, avoid using cars and avoid spinning fast. Its kinda restrictive, but it gives a bit of insight on how the Ram zombies came to be.

They are obviously infected multiplayer characters.

There are less zombies here than in the city, though they throw in another type - some butcher thing that's supposed to be scary but is really just another stupid waste of space, so it is quite safe. Seriously, I just punch them to death - that's how useless they are. The jungle itself with it's winding paths and invisible walls proves to be a more devious foe, especially when combined with network drop outs. There are also a lot of non-zombie hostiles, all of whom do not know how to take cover properly or shoot straight which makes them easy pickings for a team of experienced fps players.

Of note is a heavily infested ghost town (the only place so far where there are enough running zombies to be semi-threatening) which we kept going through on a quest to get a russian satellite phone due to bad quest pathing. This took us the longest to complete having to explore quite a bit before locating an alternate route to the bunker. Also we found Friday the 13th's Jason who was a fun easter egg to take down (twice), especially now that I have his chainsaw (x2). Still doesn't beat my magic wand modded Gabriel's Hammer from Mother Hen - it sends the bad guys flying! Jim and I have finally begun to run low on cash too. About frigging time, but I suspect a raid into the city will fix that up really quick.

Anyway our next task is to get a boat from Afran, the leader of the local thugs. We were deep in his camp when he unleashed his secret weapon: Overheating DL's machine. Due to the late hour we had to call it quits there, and given the last checkpoint was in his camp I expect all his dudes will be respawned and surrounding us when we log in again. Maybe they'll actually manage to hit us this time?

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