Sunday, 12 February 2012

Over, Under and Out

Dead Island journal - spoilers ahead! You can follow the whole story here!

Our next task was to get all the speakers in the city working to broadcast the message of Mother Hen at the church to try get all the scattered survivors together. A very worthwhile venture in my opinion, so the three of us headed up to the rooftops to repair all the busted systems. The zombies certainly began coming out en masse at this point, especially in the "containment zone" (it obviously didn't do its job too well huh?). Rams galore have begun to turn up as well, and seem to be the only thing so far that is a threat to the party. Endless waves of sprinting infected come a close second.

Just like that "other" zombie game.

After a few other menial tasks we were sent to go get supplies from the rich district which was only accessible through the sewers. Ironically, the sewers are cleaner than the streets above. Not too far in we were introduced to Dead Island's version of the Boomer. The slow tubby isn't very dangerous though.

We emerged at the town hall smelling kinda foul, but nowhere near as putrid as the scum taking refuge there who plainly refused to help us. At least one fella sent us through a secret way (sewers) to a supermarket held by some gangsters though, and we were more than happy to break in there and kill all of them. I lost sync somewhere here and had to redo a whole bunch of things solo, but it seems the number of enemies and their HP is adjusted to supposedly balance it. I would have prefered the numbers we fought through the first time though as my individual run lent on the boring side.

Anyway, with plenty of supplies now as well as a good amount of ammo we returned to the city proper back through the overrun town hall (they had it coming) where we discover our naive helper friend decided to try supply the goons in the police station and were promptly tasked with saving her using a secret passage (aka sewers).

Jim was overjoyed as we got in and murdered the whole bloody lot of them and took their stuff for ourselves, then it was back to the greatly reduced group of Cinnamon who decided to help us get in contact with the mysterious radio man we heard at the beginning of the game. I believe it was also a good ploy to get the heroes out of his hair so he could continue his murderous rampage. It would be great if he is actually the main bad guy.

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