Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Evil Tribe

Dead Island journal - spoilers ahead! You can follow the whole story here!

As I thought, we respawned in the middle of the guerrila camp but the enemies were too stupid to take advantage of the situation. It wasn't long before we wiped them all out including Afran himself. Once we got his boat we found ourselves a guide to take us closer to the prison. He didn't know a direct route so instead brought us to a laboratory that supposedly connects to it somehow. Inside we found another group of survivors and a doctor who seemed interested in finding out answers to the zombie plague, while still pretending that the whole facility is only dedicated to pharmaceutical/cosmetic research. Yeah right doc. What's this place called anyway?

That would be my guess!

The few side quests here are actually fun as the number of zombies is quite high. Interestingly enough it looks like the exploder type phased themselves out (possibly exploded their strain into oblivion?) as we haven't encountered one since the city. After being told that there are natives in the region who may have the answer to this whole mess we went to their village and were greeted with arena style combat against their "best warriors". Their best warriors who are zombies? Okey dokey...

After killing what I'd assume to be most of their tribe one of them had the gall to ask for some plant that will keep them from mutating. I told him to piss off. If you wanted our help, you shouldn't have tried to kill us yeah? Seriously they are lucky that the game has them as invincible, because I did try whack each of them on our way out. Morons like them don't deserve to exist.

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