Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Act I: Completed

Dead Island journal - spoilers ahead! You can follow the whole story here!

After helping a few more "sole" survivors who decided to hold out on their own (a.k.a.idiots), we moved on to the next task of getting a strong enough ride to break through the firey tunnel to the city. Cinnamon happened to know there was one parked in the hotel carpark and it turns out to be an armored bank van. How does a life-guard know these things? I suspect he's not one at all, and more a murderous thief.

The hotel interior is nice and pretty one way, though having to restart due to network drop outs did make it more challenging that it should have been. On one occasion it decided to start all of us out at the farthest house on diamond beach! Also it turns out, the minute someone rejoins the game every single zombie you had killed respawns out of thin air. Good to know! :P

Ofcourse we did run into some b.s. sidequests in the form of a hotel guard wanting to know the fate of his gay guard buddy. We found the fool and he made us go get drugs to kill him. Erm. I could have just head stomped him y'know?

So the remaining guard dude let us through and opted to stay in the zombie infested hotel (dedication!) and we finally got the armored van. Cinnamon seemed disappointed there was no money inside, then sent us to get it upgraded at a nearby mechanic. The helpful dude knew his time was running but upgraded it for the mere quest of defending his shop till he was done. Oh and taking his daughter with us before he turned, which is quite beneficial as apparently she has a gazillion pockets to hold our stuff.

Speaking of stuff, I do really like the weapon upgrade ideas we are coming across. Can't wait till I get the blueprints for this:

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