Thursday 20 April 2023

Wildermyth: How deep is your Cult?

[Part of the Cursed story line]

Having been rescued from a Deepist cult cave by Runea and Nyrissa, Krisztian vows revenge and joins the Cockatrices after convincing them of their expanding threat. They also hire the outlander Kaelun to assist during their travels, encountering a few left over evil deadbots in the process. One village even lives happily with them now. Feeling that perhaps those were Misia and Hally's goodbots they are left in peace.

Eventually the party clears a Deepist fort guarded by their stronger minotaur-shifting members, as well as an actual massive minotaur who Nyrissa kills using her plant pull into Krisztian's rapier (teamwork!) but proving that humans are always the worst threat it is a trio of simple brigands unaffiliated with the Deepists that manage to kill Kaelun in a close quarter ambush.  

Wounded from a against a lizardman incursion, Runea contracts an "uncurable" disease which rots her from the inside but she and Krisztian find research that leads them to a rare, one use magical cure all which they get from an easily defeated gorgon. Runea opts to use it on a petrified adventurer nearby though, freeing the mystic Trynne Ocean who agrees to join the Cockatrices as thanks, along with her now same aged daughter Milly. Runea later  succumbs to her illness.

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