Tuesday 18 April 2023

Wildermyth: The Evil Robodead

[Part of the Cursed story line]

At the dam the team discover Hally, now transformed into one of the robodead. She assures them that she's still herself, and explains that there are "good" robodead like the one she could partially repair and fused with who are being hunted by the armies of the "evil" robodead, and that there is an important "heart" located in this dam that she must reach.

Of course, the dam is heavily guarded by hostiles including a new type of grabber-bot which tear apart Gwynelia's robot ally Sommelier. Kesten also takes an arrow to the knee before the team get to the heart chamber where Hally now explains that if a willing soul permanently fuses with the heart, they can gain control over some of the hostile undead.

To the shock of everyone, Misia volunteers and willingly jumps into the meat grinder above the acid bath that fuses her to the mechanical heart. This lets her control the grabber-bots who follow Hally to the next chamber to battle the robodead Grand Matron. After much clanging and wrenching of metal only Hally is left standing of their robot allies.

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