Tuesday 4 December 2018

Iron Fist

The Shaolin Superhero.

After surviving a plane crash, Danny Rand (Finn Jones) is taken to the mystical land of Kun Lun where he masters the martial arts and attains their highest achievement: becoming the Immortal Iron Fist.

At this point, instead of fulfilling his protector duties, he decides to leave and return to his father's multi billion company, upsetting basically everyone.

While it doesn't help that the first season has a weak villain, more problematic was Finn Jones not actually being up to the skill level of said Iron Fist. Despite that I quite enjoyed it and quite liked all the other characters, especially Jessica Henwick's Colleen. Even the weak villain. Just not the almost unrelatable Danny Rand.

My favourite character.

Season 2 fixed this by bringing Danny "down to Earth", Finn Jones skilling up in wushu, having a better thought out adversary, and a better plot all around. That last shot was quite the WTF though, and due to cancellation may only be explained in a crossover with the other Marvel Defenders.  

Still a decent compared to some others out there though obviously your mileage may vary. I preferred it over Luke Cage.


  1. I suppose you saw that not only Iron Fist and Luke Cage were cancelled, but also Daredevil as well? Makes me wonder if people are getting "Marvelled out".

    1. The article I saw speculated that with Disney opening its own streaming service in 2019 that perhaps they're cancelling everything on Netflix, and hoping that they plan to pick them back up on their service instead.

      For myself, I didn't quite get through season 1 of Iron Fist, nor have I seen season 2. Still haven't seen any of Nick Cage, nor even S3 of Daredevil yet. Nor any Punisher. I think I'm caught up on Jessica Jones, at least. And I still need to see The Defenders too.

      I am so behind.....

    2. Ack! No I wasn't aware Daredevil was axed too! >.< Thanks for the heads up Redbeard!

  2. @Magson - on the bright side, it will be easier to catch up on these shows if they are no longer advancing. :P Daredevil is seriously worth the watch though. :)