Friday 4 October 2019

Today I Smiled: Elevator Ladies

I joined two random ladies (I'll call them Blondie and Spunky) waiting in the elevator today. They were clearly good friends, sharing a story and laughs. I am positioned near the buttons while the two of them are behind me, checking themselves out in the elevator mirror. On the ride up there was a short lull in their conversation broken by this...

Blondie [loudly]: My bum is soooo sore.

I smile to myself in the awkward silence that follows, knowing only Spunky can see the side of my face. A side wards glance confirms she's smiling too.

Blondie [stammers]: ... from exercising!

The elevator doors open at my floor and I step out, still grinning. As soon as I get out of view, Spunky cracks up and laughs hysterically. Blondie ends up laughing too as the elevator doors close again. It's addictive.

Thanks for the laugh ladies!