Friday 18 October 2019

Blizzard Cancellations

Seems the poop Blizzard fell in is so bad that they themselves are cancelling their own events. "Postponing" rather, which is basically a cancellation plus a promise to reschedule later. I wonder if BlizzCon will be next?

Also, if Blizzard did a public apology post and declare the same words that got their Hearthstone champion banned, would customers actually go back to them? It seems they have a habit of sending mixed signals... or is it simply lying outright?


  1. I think both items were written by Blizzard China, and they were hoping people wouldn't be able to translate the Chinese to notice.

    Which I find is completely weird, given --at bare minimum-- Google Translate. But then again, when you live in a totalitarian state that loves to censor content at all opportunities, you may just forget that other countries have access to both sides of the story.

    1. Hmm if it was Blizzard China then it's possible whoever wrote this didn't know about Google translate because it might be one of those banned/censored things? Sounds like an odd thing to censor though.

    2. That's what I'm thinking, that it's weird to ban Google Translate, but I've seen stranger things happen.