Wednesday 9 October 2019

Do you support Dictatorship?

Blizzard, the NBA, Vans (shoes) and Apple do! And if you play any Blizzard games, watch NBA, wear Vans shoes or buy any Apple products/services then by proxy the answer is YES, YOU ALSO ABSOLUTELY SUPPORT IT! In case you weren't aware, these companies have bent the knee and opened their asses for China for whom they suppress free speech, though it seems the NBA is trying to hurriedly pull up its trousers.

Obviously they value money more than morals. Ironic that South Park has more spine than they do. What about you? Do you value your hobbies and gadgets more than your morals? Does it really matter that some far away people are getting oppressed? I'll leave that up to your own conscience.

It's the firing of the interviewers that really lends to this image.

Don't know what's happening in Hong Kong because you don't hear about it in mainstream news? A quick visit to r/Hongkong will sort that out. Don't worry, it's mostly in English.

Actually this presents a wonderful opportunity. Someone should go around to all the game and sports companies and put pro Hong Kong messages just to see which ones follow suit and to see who stands with whom.


  1. Depends on the actions of the dictatorship in question, the willingness of the population to be dictated to and how comfortable that relationship makes the majority feel. I don't have a blind preference for any specific form of governance. I'm in favor of ones that provide the kind of opportunities, rights and living standards I consider appropriate, which itself is obviously culturally conditioned. Labels don't matter as much as contents do.

  2. Well said Bhagpuss. While the world may benefit from a world wide Dictatorship, getting "the willingness of the population to be dictated" is really tricky. The only way I could foresee that working is for widespread apathy. Hmm.

  3. Alas, I think that the answer as to which company supports China is "all of them".

    1. That's kinda scary. They're very good in their long game. :O