Monday 21 October 2019

The Cursed: Lichless City

[Part of the Cursed story line]

Catharina decides the search for the Elf city can wait, having been impressed by this magic heavy party and decides to hunt all the liches resting beneath Athkatla. The first one nearly ends in disaster with everyone near death upon victory. Nalia seems very concerned for Aerie.

The second lich battle goes much better, having summons and buffs ready. Despite it managing to summon a pit fiend, the lich's own protection spell is disabled and the demon destroys its own summoner. The third lich goes down even quicker.

Because pieces of lich are more powerful than a full size one?

The final lich is Kangaxx, and he is uber powerful - munching through summons and continually resetting his defenses. Worse, upon being killed he transforms into a fast regenerating Demilich that is immune to almost all forms of damage. Catharina is forced to transform into her demon form to destroy it, and save the others from certain doom.

Insight: The Adventure Mart sells Vhailor's Helm which can cast Simulcarum once per day. This is very handy as it makes a double (albeit slightly weaker version) of whomever is using it, including all equiped items.

In my party, I gave it to Lu Lingqi carrying the +4 halberd. She also has the Ring of the Ram which does an non-negatable 5-30 damage. Both great when multiplied by two.


  1. That image you used still gives me nightmares. And yes, I should have a t-shirt around that says "I Survived The Tomb of Horrors".

    1. Haha cool! Did you manage to get the true-kill for Acererak? :) I must admit, I've never played Tomb of Horrors myself, only the twice watered down version in NWO: Tomb of Annihilation - and even then I haven't actually been in the tomb yet. LOL. I hate long instanced dungeons. :P

    2. We did, but only after we lost two players. The Thief went first, because he was stupid enough to touch the skull, and then in the fight (after he regained true form) we lost a Fighter.