Wednesday 30 October 2019

Questions for Blizzard

While I'm sure Blizzard presenters have been practicing some set answers by their PR team for BlizzCon (or they should be if they haven't already been), I have a few questions here that it would be nice if they answered plainly.

1 - Is Blizzard secretly (or not so secretly) run by China?
2 - Do you support Human Rights?
3 - Do you support the Hong Kong Revolution?

Here are the achievements they can unlock based on their response:

"The Company Line" - No, Yes, [deflect]. *
"Rock the Boat" - No, Yes, Yes.
"Resistance is Futile" - Yes, No, No.
"Honesty Hurts" - No, Yes, No.
"Pacification Puppet" - Yes, Yes, Yes.
"Haters gonna Hate" - No, No, No.
"Read between the lines" - [deflect], [deflect], [deflect].
"Epic Troll" - Yes, No, Yes.

*Most likely in outcome in my book.

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