Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Staying Motivated: Oddities of Life

It's now the Blaugust "Staying Motivated" week, and one of the things that always help me against writer's block is to take inspiration, or in this case knowledge, from real life and share it.

Somewhat black hat info today: Only recently did I find out that all it takes to prevent someone from making or taking calls and/or all internet use on their device is to know their number (in the case of a mobile) and their provider. The second part can probably be guessed or brute forced since there aren't that many, at least where I live.

Then the process is simple. Call up the provider and say the device was stolen and you want to put a block on the number. That's it. No more details are required. They insta-lock down that account and that's the end of that. No other details required. It made it really easy, but perhaps it was too easy? Very strange.

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