Monday 27 August 2018

Eador: Everything is Broken

[Part of the Masters of Eador story.]

Commander Nesturs awoke in space. His previously black hair now burned with flame and his eyes glowed with godly power as he looked across the vast reaches to see the various shards of Eador, the broken planet, drifting through space and hopelessly trying to flee from the swirling entity in glacial pursuit known as "the chaos".

Beneath him he saw the small land he had previously conquered in life and found himself tethered to it somehow. "Greetings new born," came a voice from the ether. Across the emptiness on a larger island was an old wizard. "I am Oinor, a master of Eador just like yourself."

Space wizards, the very best or the very worst type of wizard.

"What the hell is going on?" asked Nesturs. Oinor laughed and explained the situation to him: how Eador was broken in the first place to jettison "the chaos", and now all the masters are trying to rebuild the world, except each is building it in their own image which is slowing down the process entirely.

Sensing an opportunity to gain an ally, Oinor decided to bring Nesturs to a smaller shard, unowned by any master, to teach him the karmic laws of conquering. Nesturs was very confused.

Blaugust Staying Motivated: Another staple of my blog are game stories. Much like reviews, they are easy to prep ahead of time. This one will continue after Blaugust. 

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