Saturday 4 August 2018

Blaugust Topic Idea: Future Tech

I am always interested in learning about new technologies and devices, hard ware in particular. So while you can talk about the new OS of your phone, I'd be much more interested in hearing about exoskeleton power armor advancements and electromagnetic levitation.

Yep, that last one came to light for me during the Masterchef Australia 2018 finale when Heston Blumenthal had food on a floating pillow. I know he used a floating plate in a previous season but it wasn't as visually stunning as this.

No strings, just the magic of magnets.

Turns out you too can get your own levitating items from Levitating X: Levitate Everything. Their "how to" video is particularly good, you should go check them out. :)


  1. Apparently you fall into the category of techno-optimists. I'm more of a grumpy ass pessimist. I'd love to have the things I've been using for 20 years to be better, or in a "fun to use" state first.

    Some examples:
    - I hate every mouse pad besides Everglide, they don't make them anymore
    - Headphones should have good sound, be comfy, wireless without charging hassles or Bluetooth not working
    - why does everything either need a cable or have dead batteries ALL THE TIME?
    - why are backups not a solved problem?
    - why do I still need my own car if I want to transport stuff from a to b?

    I could go on for hours. Sure, I've solved most of those problems with tools available to me, my budget, or humanity in general, but I'm more and more missing the feeling of "this is incredible AND useful" the older I get.

    1. Haha "techno-optimist" is a new term for me, I just enjoy the small steps in new directions when I come across them. It's not like I'll ever get a levitating thing or a powered exoskeleton suit, but it's nice to know they're out there. :)