Tuesday 7 August 2018

Blaugust Topic Idea: Reviews (and a Daylight Review)

An updated map would have solved everything.

Due to terrible luck, a bunch of people get stuck in a tunnel as it collapses on both ends and begins to fill with water. Their only hope is an ex-rescue specialist (Sylvester Stallone), who does everything he can to defy authority and put himself in there to buy those civilians more time.

It works well as an action disaster movie though other than Stallone, you will probably not care for any of the rest in the party despite their individual five minute intros prior to the tunnel event. There's a lot of dead weight too, with at least a third of the group being removable and it wouldn't change the story much - though obviously it looks better if Stallone saves more people.

Make that 1/2 the group could have been removed.

It's hilarious to think that with an updated map of the tunnel system, the majority of the movie wouldn't have needed to happen. Stallone didn't even have to go in at all, or at least - not the way he did. Ah well, the benefit of hindsight right? This one gets two bracelets out of five.

Blaugust Note: Reviews are another main stay on my blog and are also good "ammo" to load up on for future posts! They also have the benefit of being pretty fast to write given most of them would be one and done. :)


  1. I was thinking "I should know this movie, since it's 80s and Stallone in it, but what is it?" Now I remember....

    Actually, that's not that bad a Stallone movie; I really despise Cobra, which is just an excuse to blow people away.

    1. Oooh, what's Cobra? Looks like I'm going to add that to my to watch list to see if I despise it too. Thanks Redbeard! :P

    2. I say I despise it because the tagline is "Crime is a disease. He's the cure."

      So if you like an 80s slicked up version of Death Wish but with less plot, that's Cobra.