Tuesday 14 August 2018

About Me: Half Truths

I've made a little game for today, the last day of the Blaugust Reborn "get to know you week". Much like Bhagpuss said, I'm in the boat of trying to be anonymously famous so I've made a list of things about me, but only half of them are true. Can you work it out?

I am proficient in archery.
I got a firearms permit before I got my drivers licence.
I was ranked as Grade A in 10m Junior Air Pistol.
The clarinet and flute are my instruments of choice.
I love swimming, especially at the beach.
Dishes of fish and seafood are my favorite.
Cooking one of my many hobbies.
Outside of pictures and videos, I've never seen snow.
I've done ballroom lessons, but prefer dancing salsa.
I've been a game master on multiple Ultima Online free shards.
I was interested in joining the one way mission to Mars.
Photos of me can be found in an insert of a particular Jazz CD.
Most of my own photographs are of birds.
My grandfather is a National Artist.
One of my nick names translates to Felix the Cat.
My real name is Joseph Skyrim.

1 comment:

  1. The last one is real, because you bitch about it on your blog. ;-)

    I'd bet that Ultima Online is real, as well as the instruments and the cooking. After that, I'm not sure. If you're in a Jazz CD and you like clarinet/flute, it'd have to be either big band or something more experimental, like Mark Isham. Not saying that's bad, because Mark Isham and other Windham Hill bands such as Shadowfax are really damn good.