Thursday 23 August 2018

Staying Motivated: Asking Questions

Gaining knowledge is always a good motivator, and every so often I simply ask a question as a blog post. For today my question is:

How do you pick which blogs to read everyday, especially now that it's supercharged by Blaugust?


  1. I stopped reading WoW related blogs that discuss the new expansion. I've never played it and it doesn't interest me much. I do like a meta post about what's happening.

    Besides that I read nearly all of them.

  2. Honestly I judge them according to the title and the first bit of text. Anything I seem interesting I read. Anything remotely BfA related is right out. I don't care all that much and I don't have time to read all of it.

    1. I'm in a similar boat - Blaugust was tough to manage (obviously, as I'm still catching up a bit!), but luckily a lot are WoW- and MMO-focused, and Feedly does a lot of good job of providing a blurb that I can use to filter articles I'm actually interested in.

  3. For me it is mostly about if the blog is about games or topics that interest me. For example, if a blog is pretty much just about World of Warcraft I will skip it since that is a game I have no interest anymore.

    I do make some exceptions though because I started to read their blogs before my tastes (or theirs) changed and they might still post other different topics that still interest me.

  4. I’m trying to read all the updates. It’s a little easier at this point because there’s been some attrition as we go along. If I could just read and not try to write every day myself, I’m happy with all the fun posts and it could be Blaugust all year long.

  5. Now in Blaugust? Trying to catch up with most of them, feed reader says only 220 unread (of ALL the participants combined).

    In normal mode? First my ~5 favorites, then whatever I feel like - I follow fewer blogs more closely, so I know what topics might be up, they're not really surprising me :P

  6. I have a fairly limited gaming bloglist, and I keep up with them regularly, Blaugust or not. I learned years ago that if I overwhelm myself with choices, nothing gets chosen.