Friday 19 January 2018


Mad scientist decides to LARP as Hitler.

Thanks to cutting edge tech that can alter the past, one mad man changes the timeline entirely to control the world, and obviously you have to stop him. Set in an alternate 1939, you aren't given much reason to help a band of demanding and impatient rebels other than your main adversary is the leader of the evil regime oppressing them.

It's like being the Flash!

Fortunately it is a fun albeit on the rails task, with no incentive to explore the decent maps on offer. You will also be using your limited time control abilities to solve puzzles, some I feel are a bit mundane to waste the ability on but its the gimmick here so it is put to full use. The abilities are very handy in combat though - especially since the enemy always has a tactical advantage over you. Later on, they start getting nice armor too.

Definitely a solid shooter and one I can recommend to fans of the genre. I give it 3 rewinds out of 5.

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