Tuesday 16 January 2018

The Butterfly Effect

Change the past to change the future.

Evan is one messed up kid, not just because his dad is in the looney bin or due to his memory lapses. It's mostly because he has a bunch of worthless friends. Fortunately, he has two things going for him. A) He grows up to look like Ashton Kutcher (who plays his adult self, could be worse) and B) he can go back in time where he can alter his past, which in turn changes his present.

A regular human proves to be Evan's greatest foil.

The idea behind this is very cool, where his lifestyle and his friends alter with each change. Unfortunately how it is presented, especially in the first half of the movie is a jumbled mess of annoying time skips. Sure, the blanks are filled in during the second half but it isn't really successful in making me care much for Evan. Especially since his entire life he is bullied by someone two feet shorter than him.

An interesting take on time travel, but not one I'm keen to see again. I give it 2 burning dogs out of 5.


  1. Basically they took the premise from Ray Bradbury's A Sound of Thunder and placed it in a current context. Although I have to admit that the short story is suddenly a lot more relevant these days....