Saturday 20 January 2018

Rush Hour 3

"He's Mi and I'm Yu."

The unlikely law enforcement team Carter (Chris Tucker) and Lee (Jackie Chan) are on the case to hunt down an assassin and find crucial intel on the triad. It's a straight forward and decent story from the usual police genre boilerplate which means there aren't too many surprises. Jackie Chan's action sequences are fantastic as usual and the comedy parts are hilarious when done right.

With Hiroyuki Sanada, sword fights are mandatory!

It does go a bit too far perhaps when Carter forces a French cabbie to sing the American National Anthem at gunpoint and a few other similar sections which strain the suspension of disbelief but otherwise it is an enjoyable watch. Definitely one for fans of either lead and/or of the Rush Hour franchise. If you are anyone else though, it's one of those "watch if nothing else is on" movies. I give it 2.5 cuts out of 5.

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