Monday 29 January 2018

Finding Paradise

It was probably on the Moon?

The sequel to To the Moon sees Neil and Eva attempting to grant another client their "last wish" and as expected, complications arise. Like the first game, this one is an interactive novel made in RPG Maker albeit pushed to its boundaries to host a load of mini games too. For the most part it is uncovering the patient's story and solving simple puzzles. Much like To the Moon it also hit me in the feels, though to a lesser extent (measured by number of tissues required) possibly because the story isn't as deep this time around.

The machine that makes happy lies.

Giving out much more might ruin things for you, but I can still highly recommend it to everyone rating it 4 paper airplanes out of 5. If you are only going to play one RPG Maker game this year though and haven't played To the Moon yet - play that one instead.

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