Thursday, 28 July 2016

Skyrim: Some form of Suicide

Adventures in Skyrim - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

The unremarkable cave gave way to an unremarkable tomb, one guarded by an ancient skeletal guardian who liked summoning infinite minions. Between two dragonborn they were easy. Past them was a mage of some skill with explosive magic and teleportation, hopping from platform to platform in a large open chamber. The idiot didn't know when -not- to teleport though, as it became predictable when he was porting to the point that I'd swing into air and he'd teleport into it. I'm sure that's some form of suicide.

Guess he couldn't see well with that mask.

The next foe was more interesting. The teleporty mage was guarding a floating sword, "the spellblade", and upon touching it Perdida and I were thrown into a non descript cube with an invisible opponent, who was actually dealing decent damage. Fortunately Perdida managed to aggro the spirit and effectively tank it, while I backstabbed it to death. I do that a lot in this game.


A few more ghosts and an atronarch lab later, we find ourselves descending into a huge dark cavern. A dragon's lair! This dragon summons undead instead of using breath attacks though - which is a good change of pace. After slaying all the guardians the beast itself lands and... shapeshifts into a guy? What?  Said guy has some strange ability but since he's focused on Perdida, it's easy for me to take advantage of his human sized form and end him swiftly.

With him out of the way, we are free to loot his small hoard and leave the cave, with the spell blade safely tucked away in my pack.

I love loot!

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