Saturday, 9 July 2016

Today I Smiled: Randomness!

Hope you're all enjoying the death count racking up in my Skyrim Adventure journal. I thought I'd take the time to point out that the new Philippine president is racking up a kill count (albeit indirect) too! The more I read about this guy, the more I think I would have actively voted him in too. Unless Mayor Stubbs ran against him, then I'd definitely vote for Mayor Stubbs because he's one cool cat. Literally. :P

At least neither are as controlling with their reddit channels as the magnificent leader though! r/Pyongyang is the most moderated channel I've come across on reddit thus far and it's pretty funny. Less funny is the upcoming apocalympics 2016 in Rio. I'm on board to give any athelete that attends a gold medal, and if they can leave the country and still have the medal - they can keep it.

Speaking of things that remind me of my own unfitness sports - have you ever seen a Trex run the Ninja Warrior course? Or know that Caity Lotz (aka "Sarah Lance" in the Flarrowverse) is a pocket rocket? It helps that there are gyms that are seemingly designed to train awesome skills like parkour these days. If you have a more medieval taste then this old article/interview with Samatha Swords might be of interest to you.

That's it for now, there'll be no new post tomorrow but the Skyrim adventure journal shall continue the day after. I'll leave you with some odd ball videos such as: Too Many Cooks, Don't Hug me I'm Scared, and How to Hypnotize Chickens.  Or if you prefer some music you can try anime jazz fusion and have a listen to Platina Jazz's version of Sobakasu. Alternatively if you prefer your music instruments airborne you can watch Walk off the Earth's version of Shake it Off. Have a great weekend!

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