Sunday 24 July 2016

Skyrim: Ur Dead

Adventures in Skyrim - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Iverelle had mentioned reports of a disturbing cave to the South so Brutus and I made our way there for recon and clearing, and encountered corpus walkers, skinned hounds, and cultists of the sixth house before encountering Dagoth Vanis - who basically acted as the mouth of Dagoth Ur, challenging us to enter his fortress here in Skyrim and face him in combat.

Brutus (backstabbing him): "I got tired of his talking."

With that invitation Brutus and I moved quickly to get to the dwemer ruin where we fought more of Dagoth's minions, now including Ash servants, who didn't really stand a chance against the two of us. Their traps were more dangerous.

Nice to see his choice of head gear hasn't changed much.

Finally in the bowels of that place awaited Dagoth Ur. After a nice chat, where he explains his plan of enacting vengeance upon the only one who can stop him (the reincarnated Nerevarine) we get down to the business/fighty end. Or we would have. The idiot was so focused on me he didn't realize that I wasn't the reincarnated Nerevarine. It was the guy beside me.

He got brutalized!

Brutus exploited his moment of indecision and brutalized the poor bastard. After claiming the loot, which rightfully went to Brutus, we made our way around the holds executing any and all dreamers left. The corpus meat found on their persons proves this is the righteous and lawful thing to do.

No more dreams for you!

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