Monday 4 July 2016

Skyrim: Blood Bath

Adventures in Skyrim - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

My new ally, Aeariel, did not last long at all as a new wave of bounty hunters, this time led by the nearly invisible archer, Flidais the Northwind, attacked. She wasn't the problem though as she opted to attack the exterior of Death Mountain, basically offering herself to be dragonchow four ways. It was the regular mooks who were starting to overwhelm the daedric guardians, with Aeariel being among the casualties.

Good to see some of the guards taking my magic stuff from display cases.

During the wave I retreated into the bath house to recruit Drania and exposed the resident staffer Saerven as a traitor. Despite being in swim wear, Drania managed to kill her and be effective against the invading bounty hunters. Once the combat lulled I got her proper gear (lots of it lying around) and decided to make a break for the College of Winterhold to let the daedric guards recover their losses.

Let me heat up that sauna for you...

There we came under attack by a dragon and another wave of assassins, this one led by Ladon the Volcano who was ridiculously weak considering his name. Still the battle carried on into the school grounds itself, where the other mages came to help. Tolfdir, Arniel Gane, and all the Winterhold guards were among the casualties. It was clear this place didn't have the man power to hold back the enemy, so we decided to go to where no one else would be put in danger: Morvunskar.

Bring it on!!! 
Yes, the pile of corpses is half a door high!

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