Thursday, 12 May 2016

Photo Story: Anti-Demon (Part 2)

Before leaving I consulted with our resident seer, Baaaa-phomet.

Consulting the most BS of astrological signs, he told me how to beat the demons.
(because a circle really forms that cloud castle, lol)

In the the underdark we went, past Gauntlgrym...

...and all the way to Menzoberranzan. It was crawling with demons.

So I used my Kagebunshin technique to fool them!
(sadly no longer happens with Portobello's wand)

Having tricked the demon commander mini-boss into doing pushups...

I killed his master with some knife throwing.

Then turned on a force field to stop any more demons from advancing.

For my efforts, loot rained from the heavens!

And when I got back to the keep, our dragon mascot had grown!