Sunday, 8 May 2016

Getting the Gang Together

As I promised last time, I've re-added the blogs of all those from the Darklands of Arkania. The ones that still existed anyway. Obviously this has also blown out the side list which now scrolls lengthily! That will only be up for a week; a "grace period" if you will before I go back down to the business as usual of trimming any blog that doesn't update once every three weeks.

Ready to RPG!

Also had a successful guild get together over the weekend. For our tiny group to field six people at the same time was pretty good, and we not only smashed the epic stronghold encounters but could finally attempt the Dragonflight thing which requires a minimum of 5 players to happen. It took us a few attempts but we did manage to bring the red one down eventually (the easiest).

I was not impressed with the rewards for doing so though. I got two chests of average goodies. The only catch is you need to buy keys to open said chests to collect the goodies. Buy with real money. Or in my case, the semi-real currency of astral diamonds. It's still BS though. "We need to get better so we can pay Cryptic more," does not really give you the good feeling you should get with a reward. Not impressed with this system. Not at all.