Thursday, 5 May 2016

Today I was in Awe: The Burning Days

Nope, not the usual "Today I Smiled" post. I was thinking of those caught up in the Fort McMurray fire and hope everyone survives not just the terrifying blaze but also what comes after. I have to admit, evacuating 80,000+ people is an amazing feat.

That's a downer opening so I thought I'd fill the rest of the post with stupidity to cheer us up. Like, how people who believe in Last Thursdayism probably hope the blaze is erased on Thursday (when the universe is recreated), or that it could be worse if the fire was invisible. Because that's a thing apparently (Methanol flames for example), and people used to detect the flame by holding out brooms and seeing if it burned or not...

Apparently this method is still used in marine vessels not for fire but for detecting pressure leaks. The broom gets cut when they find it. I admit that does sound better than "losing an arm to a 4500# air rupture."

Wow. Still dark. I'll have to pull out the trump card of Still Learning to Cat.

Stay safe out there everyone.


  1. I know some people there. The biggest surprise so far is that there are no reported injuries or deaths. Amazing that we can respond and clear out that many people so fast. Thankfully. The return and clean up is going to be really sad as people lose their homes and "things". The country is rallying around it though, and that feels good.

    1. Some rain in that area might be awesome too!