Sunday, 15 May 2016

NWO: Siege Gains and Losses

The current Siege of Neverwinter event is fantastic for those who are in a guild. After doing the daily "Send aid to Neverwinter" task of recruiting guards, any and all foes in the event area have a chance of dropping blue vouchers for your stronghold. And I mean, a lot of them! This is made even better by the whole zone being levelled to 60, which means level 70 characters just steamroll the whole thing.

One hours worth of vouchers!

You might get discouraged by the "Send aid to Neverwinter" quest bugging sometimes, but the fix is really simple. There are two versions of it (that I know of), one with the quest circle towards the back of the stronghold (which is broken) and one with the circle nearer the front. Simply drop the quest repeatedly until you get the working version. :)

Also my "update within 3 weeks or you are removed" method comes back into play today, so my blog list will look a little neater with this post. Among those blogs "lost" today are:

Lyle's Grind, Sisters of Tyria, T.R Red Skies, The Sisterhood of Kia, Wandering through Digital Worlds, The Jazz Panda, Elfi's World, Diary of a Gnome Spy, BattlepetRoundup, Manalicious, The stuffed Yammob, The Iron Dagger, Aspect of the Hare, Megadirge, The Adventures of Xinrae, Mostly Plushies, Tough Love Critic, Unnexussary, Imperial Intelligence, Screaming Monkeys, The Fanatical Swordsman, Thalen Speaks, Grimnir's Grudge, Cogitationes Astalnaris, Adamantly Complacent, Ald Shot First, and Floor Tank Gaming.

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