Wednesday, 9 March 2016

NWO: Tidal Redux #DS#

[Part of Odd Jobs of Neverwinter.

The third and final entry in the Drowned Shore Foundry contest is "Tidal Redux #DS#" by Torontodave. You wake up right after being hit by the tidal wave that decimated the area, but unlike in Eldarth's quest where you can go diving (with a horse no less), here you receive a water walking ability early on to stay above the waves. Later on you get to be -very high- above the waves just to challenge those with acrophobia. :P

Impossible engineering is cool. :P

In contrast to Drowned Shore Disembark #DS# and Sage Ramiel goes to War #DS# which throw you into action right away, Tidal Redux has a much slower start of tending to survivors and such before going on the offensive against the Cult of the Crushing Wave - who in this reimagining are more fish folk like.  

One area Torontodave beats Eldarth in, at least for me in this instance, is his ability to hide Easter Eggs though. This is a true explorer's joy in finding all five eggs he has hidden across the map. There might not be any prizes in doing so, but it's worth testing your skill if that's your kinda thing. All up, this is a solid entry and a good map which is definitely worth a play through!

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