Friday, 18 March 2016

NWO: Eldarth's First Three

[Part of Odd Jobs of Neverwinter.

Been playing more of Eldarth's Foundry quests lately and boy they sure inspire me to create stuff again. Here are three of the ones I ran... :)

Old Magic

Sage Ramiel has tasked you to assist him in finding traces of "Old Magic" in the orc overrun Tower District. Just how overrun it is depends on your choice at the start though with an interesting difficulty setter. Interesting to note that the enemies here respawn indefinitely which can make this benign "fetch quest" a bit of a hassle!

Also on display once more is his creative method of having indoor areas on an outdoor map. For non-foundry people, this means transitions between the two without a loading screen; something not easily done by mere mortals! Definitely worth a play through though it's worth bringing a fast mount for all the back and forth.

Calimport Arena

While visiting the distant land of Calimport, you are tricked (rather easily) into showing your prowess at the arena. While I don't quite like the story in this one, given I couldn't kill all the people I wanted to, it's still a very impressive and very visual quest. The zone seems entirely made from scratch and is beautifully designed, as are the awesome effects during the arena battle. It also looks like Eldarth was experimenting with currency exchange in this one.

Built from scratch!

For those not big on story, you can skip a lot of the optional conversation though and just head in to get your combat on. :)

Under Siege!

You must help defend a dwarven keep in the mountains is under siege by Winter forged forces. In typical Eldarth fashion, the keep, special effects and NPC costumes are great. Strangely there's very little fighting in it which is a bit of a downer as I left feeling the dwarves would have had everything under control. Also one of the ice giant engineers with ridiculously short arms never actually leaves / is killed after the siege is over. A little odd given the care given to the rest of the map.

So much detail...

Still a pretty place to visit, just don't expect much action.

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