Tuesday, 8 March 2016

NWO: Sage Ramiel goes to War #DS#

[Part of the Odd Jobs of Neverwinter.

Finally, the actual Drowned Shore Foundry contest is underway (though months late), and I can't help but feel regret for not participating. Still, the next best thing is to play the few entries that did get submitted, and since I already ran Drowned Shore Disembark #DS# last time, next up is "Sage Ramiel goes to War #DS#" by foundry master Eldarth.

His attention to detail and somehow making indoor sections from outdoor maps are fantastic, and the same can be said for his reworked paths to get around all the invisible walls that litter the regular maps. There's a fair bit of gravity altered underwater spelunking to be had here too as the Drowned Shore certainly lives up to its name.

Look at all the special effects!

Story wise, you enter the Drowned Shore after the Cult of the Crushing Wave have laid waste to it with a massive tidal wave from their iceberg base that has sent ships and other debris in land. Sage Ramiel (Eldarth's go-to character) has set up base at the local lighthouse and needs your help in driving them back.

Apart from one, unfinished NPC in the last area there are no real negatives to this foundry creation and I highly recommend it to everyone as a good break from your regular, weekly grind.

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