Saturday, 15 November 2014

Today I Smiled: Music to my Ears

Hi all! Just another short break from the Tales of the Blight story. Don't worry, it will be back tomorrow!

What has me smiling today are a few things, the first of which is something my cousin sent me... Terry Crews and the Power of Music, which is just as WTF as the rest of his Old Spice commercials. If you actually listened to all of that and had an earfull of Mr. Crews yelling at you then I have the best thing to heal your ears: Malukah's rendition of Pippin's Song - The Edge of Night.

On top of that, I've just discovered the music folder of a particular game that has awesome music. The name of the game? Vindictus. I'll be talking about that more after I finish the Tales of the Blight, but for those who actually have it and are not aware - you can access all the cool mp3 tunes under the Vindictus/en-US/sound/bgm folder. A similar folder exists for Mabinogi namely Nexon/Mabinogi/Mp3 if you wanted to hear those ones.

Lastly, I did a second board game attempt and it was a dismal failure! Mechanics all wrong, boring game play, and too many moving pieces. Back to the drawing board for me! :P

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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