Friday, 12 November 2021

Steam Discovery Queue - Crusade of the Free X

Continuing freebies from last time... the one in bold is the best of this set.

Dear Future: Slow load. Creative photography game with low quality graphics? So, like a walking simulator but with no purpose. Not for me thanks.

Deathly Stillness: A very impressive zombie shooter made really quickly for teaching purposes. Check it out!

Appropriate zombie killing attire.

Eronoctosis Put Yourself together: Needs two players so... immediate fail.

House Builder First Job: Slow to load, and with only few available "jobs" without buying DLCs. Kind of interesting, as you need to build houses manually through the ages. I didn't make it past the very first clay house despite the unlockable skills that speed up repetitive tasks a little. Might interest builder types.

My Singing Monsters: An island management game with a focus on raising various singing monsters. While the singing is actually pretty cool, the management side which includes waiting for things to happen (make coin, build stuff, hatch monsters) is not for me.

Night in Riverager: A strange, hand drawn adventure with an interesting style but terrible animation. Also, having a fixed camera that can never be turned is fricking annoying.

P3TT: A puzzle game inspired by Portal. Since I hated Portal, I hate this one too.

SCORCH: A very stylized shooter with a stealth focus - it looks neat but the gunplay feels very lacking.

Slay the Dragon!: Beautiful kids action adventure game that can easily be won in an hour. Definitely worth a look, and don't forget to spam the immunity frames of the dodge roll. :P

UNBEATABLE [white label]: I don't play many rhythm adventure games... this probably being the first, and wow. Good art, good tunes, simple controls all get a thumbs up from me.  Ultimately still not my sort of thing but might be worth for you to check out!

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