Monday, 22 November 2021

Steam Discovery Queue - Crusade of the Free XVI

Continuing freebies from last time... the one in bold is the best of this set.

Astria: A French first person puzzle platformer that's pretty decent despite the generic cave setting and the odd way the protagonist runs.

Ball at Work: A colorful 2D platformer where you need to guide a bouncy ball across an office environment to a basket. Short levels make it quite addictive.

CAGE-FACE | Case 1 - The Mine: First person horror where you wander around a dark mine looking for keys and doors while avoiding the titular bad guy. I don't really feel for the protagonist here because the reason for being in the abandoned mine in the first place is a stupid one.

DKLS: Long load for this far out there puzzle platformer. Sets up an interesting scenario but the challenges are far too annoying.

Eternal Evil Prologue: Highly rendered first person shooter that puts you on the streets of the apocalypse against vampires! Could use a HUD though.

Die (again) vampire scum!

Flyland Wars 0 Ball Game [Trainer]: Not sure what this is other than an ugly mess.

Freaky Clown Town Mystery: In this first person stealth game you need to save your friend from a kidnapper dressed as a clown. Interesting that you have a "clown cam" so you can keep track of the bozo, but very rough graphics and places you can jump off the map.

Get Out!: Stylized escape a room puzzler where you are a spy whose cover has been blown. Bleh.

Hard Tapes: An odd first person horror which starts out as interesting but then goes into having long, pointless traversal areas and finding items in the dark while being chased by a stupid looking shadow. Bleh.

Hidden Dream: A nice Chinese themed platformer with puzzles and a faceless protagonist. Can't believe I'm not complaining about backtracking.

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