Friday, 19 November 2021

Dark Souls (Cards): Pursued into the Darkness

A board game session from Dark Souls: The Card Game

A staircase descends beyond the realm of fire into an impossibly huge cavern - lit only by distant fauna and skittering bugs. It is here that that the party sets up another bonfire before patrolling (level I + level I) the area and resting up. The path to the first boss here - Yhorm, the last giant, gives a choice of going the long way (the two level I areas again) or through a harder (level II) path. The team picks the latter, and while the enemies are slightly scarier they are whittled down in no time.

Whittling down is the name of the game against Yhorm as well, as the giant makes for a decent opponent with big hits while jumping around the board. Eventually with enough spells from our sorcerer (mom) and axe strikes from the warrior (DL), the giant falls to the coup de grace from our assassin (wifey). It's then back to the bonfire to prepare for the battle against the Pursuer!

To reach him is either a level III encounter or a level III encounter which makes the choice a bit meaningless, and boy are those enemies tough! Our assassin in particular takes a bit of damage before we can get past them to the boss fight. While this dark knight has less hit points than Yhorm, he has more armor making him a pain to deal damage to while his damage output is ridiculously high. Lucky the assassin could evade his impale attack because if not that does around 9 damage (around 1/3rd of someone's life).

The Pursuer then wails on the cleric (me) for a bit, forcing me to use too many heals on myself while the others chip away at him. Soon, the assassin and the sorcerer are also on the defense as their cards (life) run really low. Luckily the warrior gets his good cards just as the boss gets weak to their attack types, and DL finishes him off for a narrow victory. Mom had six cards left, wifey had TWO! 

Interesting that they made a non-boss the final bad guy over Yhorm, who gave me a hard time in the PC game. Thus concludes another exciting adventure and for the time being, this story as those are all the bosses/maps I have.

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