Monday, 1 November 2021

Dark Souls (Cards): Linking the Fire

A board game session from Dark Souls: The Card Game

Having vanquished the Abyss Watchers the team comprised of a warrior (DL), assassin (wifey), sorcerer (mom) and cleric (me) continue downwards into a realm of fire, lava and demons. A quick scout (level I + level I) of the immediate areas gets us reacquainted with our gear (and how to play the game) before we resting up at the bonfire to charge through (level I) to the first boss here: the Smelter Demon.

His perk is that all attacks can only ever do a maximum of one damage to him so the sorcerer and assassin take turns bopping him until he heats up which adds a weak burn riposte to his attackers. At this stage even the lowly cleric can smack him a little with his mace, while DL having the unfortunate hand full of gear but no stamina to use it is left waiting, waiting, and waiting... until suddenly he manages to actually swing an axe to finish off the boss! Side note: he does the same thing with jigsaw puzzles where he keeps one piece hidden away to ensure he "finishes" it. LOL.

Resting up at the bonfire again it's time to head the other way which is heavily guarded (level II) with five foes! Wifey the assassin gets smashed a bit here but I can heal most of the damage, while DL goes full bankai to use his special "hit everything in the same row" ability with his best weapon which clears them out quick. After the remaining enemy knights (pontiff knights who chased us all the way here) are dealt with it's time to battle the Old Iron King, a massive demon who can only be hit ONCE per player turn since he quickly submerges into his lava lake after each attack.

Team demon.

This means the strategy is to see who can do the most damage on each turn and let them (and only them) attack. This turns out to be the mother sorcerer for majority of the fight, so much so that I have to expend many healing chimes to make sure she doesn't run out of cards (because we are defeated if she does). I also intentionally walk into some of the King's attacks now, since I'm not actually "hitting" its better if I can tank the damage instead of letting someone else (usually DL) do so. True to form, DL finishes off the monster as we complete this area. When asked, mom reveals she only had five cards left to spare which is cutting it a bit close! Makes me glad I decided to stay as a cleric instead of switching to knight or herald (the other available party members currently available).

Also we dodged all the invaders this game (previously fought Knight Slayer Tsorig and Xanothous King Jeremiah) which was a first! Lastly, for those wondering how the two demons compared to their in game counterparts they are not overly different. My team kicked the Smelter Demon's ass in the PC game, while the Old Iron King is simple to fight but managed to throw me into the lava lake a few times. Glad he didn't do that today!

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