Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Steam Discovery Queue - Crusade of the Free II

Continuing freebies from last time... the one in bold is the best of this set.

Art of Fury - Virtual Gallery: Long load to walk and admire some pretty cool art in a small virtual gallery. No real interactions though.

Ball Adventure Ball Simulator: Platformer where you are a ball rolling on basic shapes with a terrible camera. Bleh.

Bite Sized Puzzle: Tiny game of making cereal and closing drawers. Bleh.

Cuboid Bouncer: In this platformer, be a rectangle that hops on other shapes - which soon start rotating and doing strange stuff to make it harder. Highlight for me is getting the "jump booster" then jumping so high I died because going out of bounds. LOL. Not recommended.

Gordon Adventure: Platformer where you star as Gordon the loser who inexplicably dies if he gets too close to spikes or mice. And by too close I mean 10 feet. No edging closer to make sure you can make that jump, because Gordon will die. Dumb.

Hog Hunter 2021: Basic and quick first person shooter with a hunt during the day and a hunt during the night. Wish you brought a rifle that didn't jam so much though. Worth a look. :)

Last Message: A deadly zombie like infection spreads across the world. Now you are on your laptop which still has power and connected to the internet and.. are basically chatting - because there's nothing else to do right? Points for being different / different story telling medium. I enjoyed sections you step away from the laptop in this short game.

Regardless of the pandemic, it seems toilet paper is always a high priority.

Shatter Keep: Team must escape from keep while being hunted by monster. Many vs 1. Eagle eye view, darkness but need 4 players to start. Long loads. Bleh.

Smalles: A small adventure RPG maker that features: Idle fighting? LOL. Simply wait to level up, then press NEXT to fight next tier of baddies. No point as gains are faster slaughtering the weakest ones.

Snowpainters: Student made penguin racing with paint. Hitting paint puddle gives you a color. If the color matches yours you go faster. Can "sprint", leaving trail of your color behind you (making it easier for similar colors to catch up) Up to 4 players, but you can solo race vs NPCs

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