Sunday, 7 November 2021

Steam Discovery Queue - Crusade of the Free V

Continuing freebies from last time... the one in bold is the best of this set.

Dash Lamb: Odd sprite game where you are a lamb hopping on enemy... balloons? Camera view never changes and falling out of bounds is common. The game recommends a controller. I recommend ignoring this game entirely.

Fruit Hunter: In this first person shooter you are making salads with a fork launching bow while hunting very mobile fruits. Unfortunately level two immediately adds a jumping puzzle component which just ruins what little this game has going for it.

Hellevator: Addictive and well made platformer set in Hell, with the distinction that you must die to advance. Dying lets you posses another body, but this still becomes quite tricky when bodies do different things upon death - and when you can start controlling more than one at a time. Not one I'm going to win since it eventually introduces backtracking (always garbage), but one I did enjoy.

Some nice looking baddies here too.

My Journey to your world: Hexagonal pipe dream puzzles where you need to be fast as later some pieces turn on their own or vanish temporarily. As you complete puzzles you assemble and learn more about an all female crew for a flying ship because... why not? Higher levels get really tough despite repetitive shapes.

Nyaa-kuza!!: Arena platformer where you are a katana wielding cat fighting other cat-yakuza. Very odd. Also not very good.

The Office Simulation: This walking simulator is a poor imitation of the Stanley Parable. Neither here nor there.  

Sprite Sequence Chapter 1: A simple platformer with hand drawn sprites and vocal sound effects which only requires a low level of player skill. Very cool ideas, and makes me want to see what Chapter 2 is. Thumbs up!

Star Vortex: Ultra shallow game where, as the universe falls down the screen, you use your mouse cursor (which is now a black hole I guess) to eat as many stars as you can to gain points without sucking up any asteroids, because that immediately kills you somehow. Bleh.

Steel Salvo: Pilot a generic war mech against generic evil robot forces in this first person shooter (with a cockpit). The English dubbed over the original Japanese is ridiculous and the game play isn't anything unique. Skip it.

Unforgettable You: A short silhouette platformer with a love story and no puzzles. Finished this one as I wanted to complete the story. Still some annoying bits but much less than your standard platformer, and enough variety to keep gameplay fresh.

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