Monday, 8 November 2021

Steam Discovery Queue - Crusade of the Free VI

Continuing freebies from last time... the one in bold is the best of this set.

Coloring Game 4: Another paint by pixels, but this one comes with only ONE free image to color in before asking for cash. Bleh.

D3L3T3.exe: Walking simulator where you decide to investigate spooky happenings at a graveyard on a misty evening, bringing only a trusty rechargeable flashlight. Some puzzles and jump scares to be had. In the first section at least, the items are mostly in obvious spots. The second section is much more frustrating.

Need to be fast in those caves.

Dairy Dave: Endless pixel runner where you need to be on the right most to be able to milk cows as collecting bottles of milk and delivering them are the only way to get past levels. Bleh.

Escape the Underground: A challenging pixel platformer where you are a black slime trying to escape a death trap laden sewer. Simple story and good controls but will only appeal to those who enjoy difficulty like Super Meat Boy.

Fear Protocol Shadow Paradigm: The long, low quality unskippable intro is a bad start. Hand drawn kid level art is cool but also hilarious, just like the story and the "biomonsters". Usually best to dodge roll past all the low quality everything but you know what? I still quite enjoyed this one as it's clear whoever made it had heaps of fun doing it.

Fear Protocol Codename Omega: The first game before Shadow Paradigm, which is still all hand drawn and ridiculous. Not as fun as the second one though.

Low Light Combat: PvP shooter that enjoys playing with light using laser guns, fast day/night cycles and deep shadows. Didn't like my graphics card but no matter, all servers were empty of players anyway. Bleh.

Mi Scusi: An odd game where you play in a playdough type world, the "cool guy" helping the town and fighting mafia types. The controls and camera are terrible though, leading to a non-enjoyable experience.

OMFG One Million Fatal Guns: Generic shooter where you face little toy drone things in repetitive rooms, but the music is groovy and the controls are good. Are there actually a million guns? Maybe, because they just keep adding words like: pistol, glass pistol, flaming big-clip glass pistol, legendary epic flaming big-clip glass pistol of maiming etc. Cool but... why?

Orakyubu: A simple "push the box to the right spot" puzzle game, except played in cubes meaning you have to rotate the view to follow your action and/or join multiple cubes to find the correct path. Not one for me.

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