Thursday, 18 November 2021

Steam Discovery Queue - Crusade of the Free XIV

Continuing freebies from last time... the one in bold is the best of this set.

ArmaCulture: A complicated pixel farming game during a war with a nice soundtrack. Too much for me.

Boodunnit: A tonally jarring cute 3D exploration game where you play the ghost who must solve their own recent murder, but the find the spot nature of it is a bit frustrating.

Clash of Legions: A cash shop heavy card/idle game. Nice music and some nice art on the cards, but what's the point when you can just press "automatic" to have it fight for you - followed by waiting for "stamina" to recharge before you can fight again. Definitely a "waiting to have fun" sort of game. Bleh.

Dinner with an Owl: Short stylized point and click adventure game about being stuck in what basically is a two screen house (with a most impeccably polite monster). It's great. :)


EoS: A short first person walking simulator with minor puzzle elements and a decent story made by students in Singapore (which you can hear from some of the voice acting). Pretty nice.

From the Shadows: A cute platformer where you can cooperatively play as light and shadow, or in single player just flicker between the two. Some platforms only exist when in range of one of those two elements so, in single player anyway, there's a bit of timed flickering to do. Not keen on the controls and once again... backtracking. Bleh.

Gorge: A first person parkour game where you have fallen down a gorge and must make use of all your double jump, wall running, and telekenisis skills to escape. Controls well, but kinda annoying.

Hidden Lands: A relaxing "spot the difference" game with decent game play and ambient music. If you like that sort of thing, definitely check it out. Just a little too chill for me.

I'm Strongest Legend: First person Chinese sword swinger where you fight hundreds of mohawked eunochs who all have the same death sound after being hit once by your mighty sword, or by their own swords. For variety stage three has you in a futuristic jet fighter fighting the same enemies in their strong T-pose flight form. WTF.

Jack Axe the Trial: No tutorial platformer where you need to actually find the axe first. The throw axe and rush to axe interesting mechanic as it can make you travel further than a jump, but still just a cute platformer. Bleh.

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