Friday, 5 November 2021

Steam Discovery Queue - Crusade of the Free IV

Continuing freebies from last time... the one in bold is the best of this set.

3 O'Clock Horror: Pixel art investigator heads to a haunted mansion full of corpses and decides instead of calling the police, to simply go in alone with a box of matches. Feels like the technical abilities weren't quite up to the story puzzles with poor controls and questionable design choices.

After School Murder Club!!: Interactive novel with decent writing, music and graphics that lost my interest when it introduced a talking piece of toast and a school founded by an ancient immortal cat. I think I'm going to add "visual novels" to things I skip. "Dating sim" too.

Cardiac Unrest: Hunt down ghosts in a generic school with your ghost rifle and ghost o meter? Slow to load and not worth the wait. Bleh.

Doggone Hungry: Despite being slow to load, this is a super cute game where you play as a dog that needs to eat as much as he can to get his toy duck back before time runs out. There's lots of food lying around and lots of humans too - if you dress up how they like you can play various mini games with them to earn even more food. Just don't get caught by the patrols! Recommended! :P

Cute little rascal.

GunBlocks Prologue: In this pixel game you are a gundrone that must walk forward while over coming obstacles and shooting enemies in turn based fashion. The methods to do so? Think Tetris mixed with Angry Birds. Yeah, kinda strange and didn't really appeal to me.

Momentum: Race neon cars (if you have more than one player anyway, as there are no NPC cars) in a neon city with gravity defying roads. Bleh.

Pixel Art Coloring Book: Exactly as titled. Color by number, where you can't actually make a mistake as each color is preset and won't allow you to click on the "wrong" numbered boxes. Bleh.

Tile Runner: Silent 3D platformer where you are always at full sprint and can only turn and jump to get to generic looking tiles. Bleh.

Typing Incremental: A typing game that starts with only the letter A. Typing correctly and quickly generates money to buy more letters and to lengthen the possible word size which slowly makes things harder. The problem is getting to the point where it becomes interesting is a chore in the grindy repetitive type of way. Bleh.

U Evade: Side scrolling game with the quality of a child's drawing in which you are a UFO trying to evade/hit birds? Bleh.

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