Sunday 7 January 2024

Squid Game: The Challenge (Season 1)

As Netflix actually owns all things Squid Game (that was news to me), they made a real life version of the competition using most of the games from the first season of the show, without the fatal consequences - which was actually first done by Mr. Beast if you can believe it.

The first season spans 10 episodes and as expected you get to know very few of the contestants because there's a lot of them and they get culled pretty quickly. I honestly had doubts about watching it at all until Juris suggested he liked it - and there are few things Juris likes, so I gave it a go... and it is very entertaining! Whoever edits it did a fantastic job. Recommended, and it looks like it's already been renewed for season two.

For those wondering if you need to watch the original Korean series first, maybe. You don't need to but it's a very good show anyway. Just be aware that the contestants have seen it, so they have some expectations and knowledge of what games to expect during this show.

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