Thursday 4 January 2024

Mists Over Carcassonne

In this tile laying game, one to five players take turns laying tiles down to create a nice landscape - and after putting a tile can choose to place one of their meeples on a terrain feature like a road or city on what they just put down. Later when the road or city is completed they score points based on the length of the path or size of the metropolis.

What makes this different from regular Carcassonne is that it is entirely cooperative and players must reach particular point values before their tile sets run out. Also tiles have ghosts coming from the mist which spawn ghost-meeples on the board and if you run out of them and need to place more, you all lose. Of course, you can complete a mist area to eliminate all ghosts within, or when scoring forgo getting points to eliminate up to three ghosts in one space.

There are a few levels of complexity here too, where later on you get graveyards that also get a ghost whenever another ghost is spawned and you need to shut them down by encircling them and "burying" a meeple there, or on harder modes tiles are "cursed" and placed face down blocking progress to anywhere. It's a pretty easy game to setup, teach and play but winning heavily depends on how the tiles come out - even more so than say, the Night Cage, because its much harder to mitigate a bad draw here.

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