Saturday 6 January 2024

Carnival of Monsters

In this two to five player competitive card drafting board game, players are trying to earn the most points by displaying an assortment of creatures over the span of four seasons (rounds). Each season has it's own bonus - maybe this time Cave monsters or Ocean monsters get bonuses, but other than that the seasons all play exactly the same: everyone gets eight cards, picks one to play or keep and passes the rest on clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the round number.

Event cards can just be played outright, just like land cards most of the time (yep, some magic the gathering feeling going on here). Monster cards need enough of the correct land type to play them, and staff require enough gold to play them. If you aren't immediately playing your selected card (or your card is a hidden objective that gives you more points at the end) you can store it for the cost of 1 crown. Stored cards can be played in the future whenever you feel like, provided you can cover the cost.

If you can't you can always take a loan which gives you 3 crowns for -5 VP at the end. There's a tiny more to it than that but basically have the highest victory points at the end and you win! It's a fun game with great art that flows pretty smoothly once you get going. Only the dealing of 8 cards to each player at the start of each season is a bit tedious but otherwise an enjoyable and solid game. Recommended!


  1. Always happy to see board game suggestions, I will check this one out!