Thursday 16 March 2023

Warframe: True Master

Finally, I've won Warframe!

Haha, not really but this was my main personal goal and it feels great to finally have reached MR30. I know there are (so far) two more levels higher than this (Yue is on legendary 2 O_O) but I think I'll leave those ranks alone for now. All I really wanted was the ability to put gigantic statues of myself on the relays! :P

That's a pretty good likeness!

For those wondering, my Loki Firewalker and Xoris combo was excellent for the mastery 30 exam. The disappearing platform tests (MR10/MR13) were more annoying but the (MR28) condensed thermia one was definitely the harder, if not the hardest for those first thirty tests.

Now with that obsession out of the way I might be able to look at other games again. At least for a week or so until the Duviri Paradox comes out. :P


  1. MR28 is trivial with Mag ;-) Mod for max range and put the augment on her Pull and you suck everything in. Just gotta bullet jump back and forth a few time as the things spawn to pull in more.

    I've got the Mastery xp to be MR30 now, but I've not bothered with the MR29 or 30 tests. I just don't really play much anymore, so I've never felt the need. I still log in daily to advance the counter and maintain my clan membership to make it easy to trade whenever I do pick it back up in more earnest, but.... yeah.

    1. You should go do those tests so that you can also put statues around! :D Or more importantly, be able to buff yourself with one of those blessings for "when you pick it back up in more earnest".